Onboarding is a big deal.

You work hard to attract the best talent to your company. Softstart helps you engage and
retain them right from the start.

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Set new employees up for success with structured onboarding plans

Customize onboarding experience

Customize the experience

Easily create customized onboarding plans for each hire with role-specific templates. Bite-sized activities help them embark on a learning journey without feeling overwhelmed.

onboarding goals

Set clear goals

Engage your newcomers by setting onboarding goals, so they know what’s expected from them. Celebrate milestones to foster that rewarding sense of achievement and keep new hires motivated.

organize onboarding resources

Organize all your resources in one place

Are your newcomers wasting time chasing down documents? With Softstart, they can find all they need in one place. Use tags to organize your files and record walkthrough clips to offer more context.

onboarding insights

Onboarding insights

Get access to real-time data to help you measure the positive impact of a structured onboarding program. Identify gaps, refine your process, and walk into the board room with confidence.

Great onboarding doesn’t have to be time-consuming

onboarding inspirations

No need to start from scratch

Softstart helps you quickly create an engaging onboarding experience with the option to invite others to collaborate. Select a template and choose one of our 120+ suggested activities. Then, customize your plan and turn it into a reusable template. It’s that easy!

drag and drop onboarding

Drag-and-drop onboarding editor

You need a simple solution that doesn’t require hours of training. Softstart is loved by HR and other managers because we make it extremely easy to add and rearrange activities. Simply drag and drop them using our intuitive interface with a built-in calendar.

Integrate with tools
you already use

Wasting time on duplicate work or entering the same information twice? Let’s fix that!

Softstart seamlessly integrates with HRIS, calendar, messaging, and file storage tools. We help you streamline your employee onboarding process and become more efficient.

onboarding hr integrations
schedule onboarding meetings

Schedule meetings
more easily

You want to introduce your newcomer to their new teammates, but scheduling meetings requires too much coordination.

With Softstart, you can say goodbye to the old ways! We integrate with the most popular calendar tools out there, so you can quickly check everyone’s availability and book meetings with just a few clicks.

We bring HR and Managers together!

onboarding collaboration

Invite teams to collaborate

Employee onboarding is more than just paperwork. Invite managers and teams to collaborate with activities.

onboarding roles

Assign onboarding roles

Each team member can be assigned specific roles such as manager, mentor, HR, and IT, so they know what to do.

onboarding progress

Check progress

A simple dashboard will show you the onboarding status for each new hire, so you can follow up when needed.

welcome videos from teammates

Give a warm welcome

The icing on the cake? Your team members can use Softstart to record a personable welcome video that will make your new hires feel truly valued. Trust us, this is something they’ll remember for years to come.

Make everyone feel heard and valued

onboarding reactions

Activity reactions

Your newcomers can react to activities, which provides you with valuable feedback to continue improving your onboarding plans.

onboarding questions

Fast communication

Answer your new employee’s questions directly on the onboarding activity page to quickly help them if they’re stuck.