Onboarding is hard.
We make it seriously simple.

Softstart helps you build your onboarding process, onboard newcomers and measure the impact. All in one place.

Nail your onboarding in 3 easy steps!


Build engaging and collaborative onboarding experiences in minutes.


Give your newcomers a space where they can find all the resources, people and activities they need.


Measure the impact of your onboarding process and continuously improve it.


Collaborative onboarding editor

An intuitive interface that enables collaboration between HR, hiring managers and others to build the perfect onboarding together. Onboarding is not just an HR thing!

Easy to assemble activities

Activities are the heart of your onboarding. Newcomers or any other teammates must complete these small tasks that you assign to them.

Simple and powerful checklists

Record engaging audio and video clips. Also, add documents, files, links, forms and tools.

Simple and powerful checklist

Assign anyone and schedule at anytime

Decide who has a part to play and when activities should be completed.

Assign anyone and schedule at anytime

Find availabilities for meetings and sync to calendars

No need to browse around everyone’s calendars — Softstart will do the work for you.

Find availabilities for meetings and sync to calendars

120+ pre-built onboarding activities

120+ pre-built onboarding activities

Collaboration between editors

Use private discussions inside activities to coordinate with other editors.

Collaboration between editor

Create your own templates

You can create templates for each role, team, department, location, etc. You can then decide which to combine into an experience when onboarding someone. It’s magical.


Newcomer’s home

An experience that brings the alignment and autonomy that all new hires wish for.

Well-organized agenda with clear expectations

All the great activities to complete and goals to achieve.

Organized onboarding agenda with clear expectations

Quick access to key resources and people

Shortcuts to help newcomers find their way in your company.

Quick access to key resources and people

Notifications in Slack or Teams

All onboarding notifications are happening in your favorite communication tools.

Onboarding Notifications

Ask questions easily

Newcomers can ask all their questions at every step of their onboarding.

Ask questions easily

Monitor the entire experience

You can always stay in the loop to understand what’s going on.

Track progression in real-time

A simple dashboard will show you the onboarding status for each new hire, so you can follow up when needed.

follow onboarding progress

Follow reactions

Reactions and comments on activities will keep you aware of any blockers. They’re also great feedback to improve the process.

Get real time onboarding reactions


make onboarding pulse surveys

Pulse surveys

Get actionable feedback from newcomers. You decide which questions to ask.


Gain valuable insights with reports on your templates, activities, managers, and more.

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