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Onboarding is not
just an HR thing

And if you think it is,
you’re doing it wrong.

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Onboarding plays a critical part in the global employee experience. Doing it well is good business, and it's everyone's business. So why is it so often a struggle?

Frame Kahina Ouerdane

Join Kahina, Chief People Officer at GSoft, in a conversation πŸ—― about how employee onboarding is up for disruption and what you can do about it πŸ’ͺ .


You'll learn about

  • The critical impact onboarding has on stimulating a sense of belonging and connection with new hires
  • Ways to rethink your onboarding process to win the battle for talent
  • The importance of creating a consistent onboarding experience for your employer brand
  • Why including managers in the onboarding and recruitment process is a real game-changer

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