Designer onboarding template

This designer onboarding template is fully customizable to your company's reality. Add your documents and videos, collaborate with other people (managers, IT, stakeholders), and organize the program into a timeline to build the most engaging onboarding in Softstart. It's not just a template; it's a complete experience.

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designer onboarding activities

35+ recommended activities for new designers

Add these activities to your onboarding plan:

  • Our design system
  • Shadow a designer
  • Gathering design feedback
  • … and more!

Softstart brings HR and Managers together to easily create engaging onboarding plans

employee onboarding templates per role


Create, customize, and reuse

Get access to onboarding templates that you can quickly copy and customize to your needs. Simply drag and drop activities using our intuitive calendar view.

onboarding progress


Monitor onboarding progress

Ensure that your newcomers are making the most of their onboarding plan. Step in when needed and improve the experience with employee feedback and onboarding insights.

great first impression onboarding


Make a great first impression

Impress your new hires with a structured onboarding plan that will get them bragging about their new job. Record engaging videos to make them feel part of the team.

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