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Build inspiring onboarding experiences, collaborate on your newcomer's success and track their progress with a flick of the wrist.

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List of onboarding activities in an onboarding plan
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List of onboarding activities in an onboarding plan

Drag. Drop. Repeat. 🔁️

Your newcomer is starting soon? Time to plan a great onboarding! Drag and drop any activities on calendar view, adapt your plan with bulk actions, preview it and schedule your invitation. Easy-peasy.

Softstart onboarding plan with drag and drop features

Sky’s the limit 🚀

You get full flexibility to create the kind of activity you want, assign it to whoever and schedule it for whenever. Oh, and you can also introduce it to your newcomer, and add checklists with resources and clips.

Onboarding scheduling integrated with Microsoft Outlook

Simplify your scheduling 🗓️

Introduce your newcomer to the rest of the team by synchronizing their calendar (Outlook and Google) directly through our platform. Let's bring back the simplicity of a coffee chat and meet, shall we?

See all integrations
See all integrations

We have you covered

Softstart mascot collaborating together

Involve your teammates

Everyone in your entire organization have their part to play, from simply welcoming your newcomer to setting up new onboarding activities. We bring people together.

Happy mascot celebrating the integration with onboarding tools

Enhance your HR ecosystem

Softstart is not a replacement: it's an add-on to the HRIS tools you already have. Although it will replace your boring and outdated spreadsheets.

People looking at the directions for onboarding reboarding and crossboarding

Every step matters

Whether it's about joining the company, switching teams, getting a promotion or coming back from a long break, everyone deserves to experience a great onboarding.

We value your time. So let’s save you some ⏰

Create your own templates

Customize your own unique templates, which you can reuse and adapt to all your different kind of onboarding. And make it better every time.

Templates for inspiration

We are bringing a few templates to inspire you and help you build a memorable onboarding. It's on us.

New hire template, new manager template and developer template in Softstart
Activities for inspiration

We are also including suggested activities to get you inspired. Let’s bring your onboarding from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Inspiring onboarding activities suggested by Softstart

Keep an eye on things 👀

Get all the visibility

Keep track of your newcomer's onboarding progress: what’s been done, what’s coming up, and what’s overdue.

Softstart onboarding progress tracking with completion rate
Get all the insights

Get real-time feedback from newcomers as they can react to their activities and warn you of any issues they have, from small typos to broken links.

Onboarding feedback and review data collection through Softstart