Process optimization

Optimize your onboarding process ⚑️

Find peace of mind with the many time-saving features β€” allowing you to focus on what really matters.

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Ready-to-use templates

Find inspiration in best practices πŸ’‘

Hit the ground running with comprehensive, pre-built templates to set up quality onboarding plans in a flash. Templates provide the building blocks to get started quickly.

Preview templates in app
Preview templates in app
Custom templates

Ship consistency across the board πŸ“¦

Turn your go-to plans into reusable templates made available to your entire team. Deliver the same level of experience to all recruits regardless of role and location.


Set sail with smooth integrations ⛡️

Let Softstart do the heavy lifting for you. Spend less time on manual work, sync your tools and data, streamline communications, and keep everyone on a tight course.

Slack & Microsoft Teams integrations

Connect with the communication tools your team already uses. Set up meetings, add agenda items, and get meeting reminders directly in Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Employee provisioning

Quickly and easily provision users by syncing with a pre-existing employee database. Softstart is currently compatible with Office 365, G Suite (Google Business).

Automated notifications

Overwhelming with a mountain of notifications can hurt productivity. That's why Softstart sends activity updates a few at a time, only at the right time.

Resource library

Everything your team needs centralized in one safe space πŸ—„

Save, consolidate, and organize up-to-date resources to reuse across plans.

  • Upload resources from your desktop
  • Link documents from GSuite, O365, and more
  • Organize files and links with custom tags
Progress tracking

A clear overview of progress of each journey πŸ‘

Monitor and track progress directly in the app. Get real-time insight into the state of your team's onboarding.

  • Daily reporting on all onboarding plans
  • Get alerted when a new employee is hired
Portrait of Stephanie Belisle
Our most valued truth? Every new onboarding is an opportunity to set rock-solid foundations and create the highest level of engagement amid new hires.
Portrait of Stephanie Belisle

Stephanie Belisle β€” Onboarding coordinator

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Onboarding journey builder

Craft engaging journeys πŸ’«

Build inspiring onboarding experiences, collaborate, and track progress.

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Newcomer experience

Guide your newcomers πŸ’›

Welcome new hires to the team and follow their progress along the way.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you cover pre-boarding activities?

Yes, we even have a collection of pre-filled activities covering this critical preparation phase. You will be able to assign tasks to HR and IT to orchestrate the weeks before the newcomer's arrival automatically.

Will the activities that I create within Softstart automatically generate calendar events?

Yes! That is a powerful feature that we are proud to offer you. By simply selecting the right participants for an activity, Softstart will recommend times when all participants are available. Choose the most convenient availability, and all invitations will be sent automatically behind the scene.

Can we use two email addresses for on user (personal email and then switch to their work one)?

Yes. Pre-boarding sometimes involves communicating with a newcomer that doesn’t have their corporate email yet. Both personal and professional email addresses are supported to facilitate the transition before day 1.

Can I chat with a support team?

Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, by email at or through live chat.

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