Sales onboarding template

A great starting point to build an onboarding plan for your new sales specialist.
30-60-90 day onboarding
31 activities

About this template

This template is a structured onboarding journey containing all of the required activities for onboarding a new sales specialist. From pre-boarding and going past their first 30, 60 and 90 days, the outcome will be an experience that integrates and engages them into their new role within the company.

The Objective

A well-integrated salesperson, who is quickly ready to help you generate more sales.

The Objective

A sales specialist who is knowledgeable and ready to generate more sales.

Sales onboarding template walk-through:

Why is it important to have a dedicated onboarding for your new sales specialist?

Your new sales specialist has one of the most important jobs, as they are in drect contact with your clients. The outcome of having of a dedicated sales onboarding is the reassurance that your new employees have access to the right resources and the right people to help prepare them to make their first sales. In this template, we recommend sales pairing or shadowing activities and specific activities to understanding current customers and the organization's strategy.

What kind of activities are included?

This sales onboarding template contains all the fundamental onboarding activities plus specific sales activities.

1. Fundamentals

Fundamental activities focus on all the activities every employee needs to be onboarded successfully to their new job. This includes activities like: gaining access to the right materials, software and access, meeting their team and having 1:1s with their manager.

2. Sales focused activities

In addition to the fundamentals, the sales onboarding template contains specific activities like: getting access to the CRM, reviewing the sales process, meeting with customers, sales shadowing, meeting with the marketing and product teams, etc.

3. Social and integration activities

Social and integration based activities are essential to ensure that your new employees work effectively. The connection the new hire has with their peers plays an even more essential role in their integration. Being aware of their team and the company's inner processes and having a key contact to rely on, helps ensure a successful onboarding. We've included activities that do just that, activities like: organize a morning coffee or a lunch with your team, connect with someone outside the team, participate in a 5@7, etc.

Every company has its own norms and rituals. This is your chance to create a unique onboarding experience that truly demonstrates why your company is special.

What are the benefits to use this basic fundamentals template

For HR

The benefit of this template is having a starting point, built on best practices, that you can easily customize to your organizations reality. The best part is, the 31 recommended activities included in this template are ready to use, customized or not and the template can be duplicated for future onboarding.

For managers

This template will ensure your new employee is well supported during their onboarding. In addition, you will be able to follow their progress and adapt the onboarding plan along their journey. Finally, this tailored onboarding will help your new employee reach their full potential quickly.

For new employees

This template acts as a window into the future of every new employees job. First impressions a crucial in terms of retention and engagement and the benefit of having a tailored template is ensuring the quality and continuity of every new employees onboarding. The outcome is a happy and engaged new member of your team.

An easy and proactive way to create memorable onboarding experiences

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