Easy to design, simple to use and engaging for everyone.

Turn new joiners into quick starters by building great onboarding together.

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Drag and drop activities on a timeline.

Select from a variety of activities to drag and drop into specific days and weeks. It's that simple to create onboarding plan, unique to your companys reality.

A library for all your onboarding documents.

Keep all your onboarding documents and attachments up to date in-app. Organize them using tags and filters, and liven them up by recording a video in-app explaining them in more detail.

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Maggie Thorton

Back end Developer

Harry Burnett

Front End Developer

Yasmina Baulieux

Project manager

Arun Nambisan

Sales Director

Laura Rice

Front End Developer

Ferne Poore

Customer Support Agent

Kirstie Addis

Front End Developer

Connect your new hires with their team.

Generate excitement by sending a welcome message to your new joiner from you and the rest of the team. Create a sense camaraderie with a gallery of their colleagues faces, each with a personalized introduction. Whether remote or in-office, these faces and smiles are differentiators when starting a new job.

Make every first day, a great first day.