Employee onboarding made easy

Softstart helps you ideate, implement, and review onboarding plans. The result: higher levels of performance, engagement and retention of each of your new hires.

Softstart is a collaborative tool for HR, managers and new hires

Preparation & collaboration

It takes a team to build a village and its no different when onboarding new hires. Softstart is a place where you and your managers can build new onboardings together.

Make stronger connections

First connections are crucial for new hires. Assign and connect new hires with mentors or buddies through different activities.

View, review
& iterate

Through interactive dashboards, SoftStart gives HR, managers and employees full visibility over the onboarding process. Transparency and teamwork help build healthy norms from day one.

Pre-built onboarding templates

We’ve simplified the onboarding creation process by giving you a library of pre-built onboarding templates. Select one from our library or from scratch, customize it to your reality and enhance the entire onboarding process.

Connect your new hires with the right people

Softstart initiates meaningful conversations and activities, and a better integration. As a new hire anxiously awaits their first day, we want to help you fill that time instead with excitement! Softstart video introduction feature gives you and your team the opportunity to easily reach out of screen and give your new hire a warm welcome. In a digital world, a more human approach goes a long way!

Keep track of the progression

Having a real-time view of your new hires progression means you can see blockers quickly and react accordingly. You now have all the power to optimize your new hires experience, every step of the way.

Your new hires onboarding experience starts here.