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Turn new joiners into quick starters by building great onboarding together.
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Ready-to-use onboarding activities

No more wondering what to add to your onboarding plan and no more bland tasks for your new joiners. Choose from a list of recommended pre-built activities, designed to give your new joiners a more engaging experience.

Simple drag and drop onboarding builder

Build your onboarding plan on a simple timeline, broken down by weeks and days. Choose from a variety of activities to drag and drop onto the timeline. It's that easy to create onboarding plans, unique to your companys reality.

A library for all your important onboarding assets

Finding your most up-to-date onboarding assets can be a hassle. Instead, access your documents and links with just one-click by adding them to a library in-app. Best of all, they’ll always be up to date!

Video Explainers to create interactive content

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the impact of a video! Whether in an onboarding activity or document, you or a subject matter expert can record a video in-app to give more details in a dynamic way. By adding a face and a voice, an onboarding becomes a journey, rather than just checkboxes.

Connect your new hires with their team.

Generate excitement by sending a welcome message to your new joiner from you and the rest of the team. Create a sense camaraderie with a gallery of their colleagues faces, each with a personalized introduction. Whether remote or in-office, these faces and smiles are differentiators when starting a new job.

Your new hires onboarding experience starts here.