Newcomer experience

Guide your newcomers

Start from a place of comfort. Welcome newcomers with an onboarding experience that will have them feeling supported and engaged from day one.

Create your first experience

Try it out for free. No credit card required 🤙

Make your new hires feel right at home 🏠

Give your new employees the best onboarding experience. The newcomer feed shows them what to expect in their first weeks right from day one.

Foster belonging right from the beginning

Welcome newcomers with greetings from the entire team

Help new hires feel part of the team right away. Invite your team to record warm welcomes for new employees using in-app video recording.

Insert team-building fun in the onboarding process

Rethink the traditional onboarding experience by adding in a good dose of fun. Our pre-built activities make even the most technical of tasks a bit less grey.

Help newcomers become part of the tribe right from day 1

From introductions over coffee to official document walkthroughs, including key teammates in newcomers' activities lays the relational foundation of your team.

Newcomer feed

Help newcomers get settled in an intuitive experience ✌️

Upon their arrival, newcomers get access to their onboarding schedule.

  • See their scheduled meetings and assigned activities
  • Find videos, linked documents, and teammate contacts to make sense of it all
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment when ticking off completed activities
Progress tracking

A clear view on their progress 🥽

The plan dashboard helps you keep track of the progress of every newcomer.

  • Activity completion progress bar
  • Overdue activity warnings and alerts
Portrait of Kahina Ouerdane
We should be welcoming employees as people first—the human way, with smiles and emotions, not only with contracts and compliance rules.
Portrait of Kahina Ouerdane

Kahina Ouerdane — Head of HR

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Onboarding journey builder

Craft engaging journeys 💫

Build inspiring onboarding experiences, collaborate, and track progress.

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Process optimization

Power-up your onboarding ⚡️

Find peace of mind with Softstart’s many time-saving productivity features.

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Frequently asked questions

Do newcomers have the same visibility on plans as Admins and Creators?

No, as we wished to avoid overwhelming newcomers with too many activities on day 1, we’ve created a tailored experience unique to them. To view it from their perspective, go to any plan and click on “Preview” mode on the top right of your screen. You’ll then see Softstart from their viewpoint.

Will newcomers receive the entire plan with all the activities on first day of their arrival?

We believe easing into the right pace is key to every successful start. So we avoid overwhelming newcomers with too many activities upon their arrival. Instead, activities are shared with newcomers punctually, based on your activity setting.

Can I chat with a support team?

Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, by email at or through live chat.

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