Make your newcomer go 'woah'😲

No credit card required 🤙

Welcome To The Team Flynn

Empower your newcomer 💪

Provide an onboarding that your newcomers can actively follow and engage with, all on their own.

Newcomer Onboarding Agenda
Newcomer Activity Card
Video Introduction For Onboarding

Make them part of the team🌟️

Allow teammates to record clips to either introduce themselves, resources, or really whatever they feel important to share. Who said you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure?

Onboarding Notifications

Nothing falls through the cracks 🏗

Let us keep an eye on things for you: Softstart automatically delivers reminders through your favourite tools. When there’s a plan, we like to stick to it.


Having a clear structure to follow right from my first day and to receive personalized welcome videos, including that of the CEO, reassured me and made me feel awaited. As far as my integration goes, Softstart was a game changer.

Frame Nicolas Belanger

Nicolas Bélanger — Sales Development Representative

Onboarding Feedback And Review

Be there when needed 🎯️

We gave newcomers the space to react and ask questions at any time, so you can be notified right away about how they feel and provide the answers they need to keep going.

Custom Branding Softstart

Time to shine ☀️

Let your brand personality and colours shine! Reflect them through your onboarding experience and make your newcomers proud of being part of your team.