Engaging employee onboarding
right from the start.

Say goodbye to bad first impressions! Delightfully engage, and charm your new hires while empowering them from the get-go – keeping things interesting and on track - all from one place.

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engaging employee onboarding

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struggling to keep new hires engaged
craft engaging employee onboarding with Softstart
Struggling to keep new hires engaged
Engaging onboarding experience with Softstart

Engaging onboarding made easy

Personalized Welcomes

Deliver a warm and personalized welcome to each new hire. Customize messages, videos, and resources to make them feel valued and part of the team from the start.

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Interactive Content

Engage new hires with interactive content and activities. From personalized welcome videos to interactive guides, make learning enjoyable, interactive, and memorable.

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Onboarding Mentors

Pair new hires with onboarding mentors who provide guidance, support, and foster a sense of belonging. Encourage collaboration and relationship-building from day one. 

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retention reinforced

Retention reinforced

Engaged new hires are more likely to stay and thrive within your organization. 

unleash your onboarding efficiency

Boost productivity

Set the stage for success by providing the necessary tools and knowledge from the beginning.

foster company culture

Foster company culture

Create a positive first impression and reinforce your unique company culture.

Engage & empower new hires and
automate your onboarding process
using our 50+ integrations.​