Onboarding journey builder

Craft engaging journeys 💫

Build inspiring onboarding experiences, collaborate on your newcomer's success and track their progress with a flick of the wrist.

Create a journey for free

No credit card required 🤙


A journey where productivity feels more human ✌️

Shift your onboarding processes to an experience that drives engagement and retention. Reach your goals together by setting up personalized plans for each newcomer.


Organize their first days in a fulfilling way 🗓

Go beyond tedious spreadsheet checklists. Transform your onboarding process into intuitive and engaging journeys.

Ready-to-use templates & activities

Get started with ready-to-use templates and pre-filled activities designed to inspire your process, save you time and accelerate your workflow.

Drag & drop activities

Add or reschedule an activity using a simple and intuitive drag and drop feature.

Recording studio

Add video, screen, or audio recordings to each activity to guide your newcomers along with their onboarding.

Intuitive calendar view

Get at-a-glance visibility of every scheduled activity in a weekly calendar layout.

Newcomer experience preview

Preview the activity feed of the plan to see how they will look and feel for your newcomer.


Flexible activities to fill every onboarding need ✨

Configure the building blocks of each onboarding experience to match your vision. From sharing crucial information to fostering connections among teammates, the sky’s the limit.


Transform onboarding tasks into interactive activities 📋

Break down your onboarding workflow into manageable checkpoints for your team. Configure and schedule engaging activities with flexibility and speed.

110+ pre-built activities

Find inspiration and best practices in our library of out-of-the-box activities to optimize your company's onboarding process.

Automated meeting scheduling

Avoid the scheduling conflict headaches by automatically finding the best time to schedule in-person or online meetings.

Powerful checklists

Create checklists within activities to break down the assignment. Link referenced documents and videos to individual checklist items.

Description & videos

Use the in-app video recorder to put together an introductory or explanatory clip for the activity.

Attached links & documents

Link your preexisting files from the resources library or sync new ones right from the activity builder.

Portrait of Eric Routhier
Onboarding is the most overlooked phase in an employee journey when ironically, engagement and retention crystallize in those critical first 90 days.
Portrait of Eric Routhier

Eric Routhier — Product Lead

Get all hands onboard with collaborative workflows

Involve your colleagues in the plan-building process

Grant access to managers and team members to build and edit plans with you or to assign them to specific activities. You decide the permissions.

Cultivate a sense of connection with remote employees

Facilitating team meetings and encouraging active participation make new joiners feel a part of the day-to-day, even remotely.

Prepare for the journey ahead with preboarding activities

From IT configuration to access card setup — align your team by assigning pre-boarding tasks to get things running smoothly on the big first day.

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Guide your newcomers 💛

Welcome new hires to the team and follow their progress along the way.

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Process optimization

Power-up your onboarding ⚡️

Find peace of mind with Softstart’s many time-saving productivity features.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a product demo?

Of course! Feel free to book a 15 to 30 minute call within this agenda and we’ll connect quickly.

What is this trial giving me access to?

The trial gives you access to the entire Softstart solution. You can create onboarding plans, centralize documents in the library and even invite collaborators to the platform. You will reach the trial limit only when newcomers access their onboarding journey. At that moment, we will send you a reminder to subscribe to a monthly plan using a credit card.

Which information and permissions do you request upon sign up?

It depends on how you sign up. When signing up with O365, Slack or Google Suite, we request minimal access: Reading information on your basic profile and the users you may interact with within your organization. We use these reading rights to improve the collaboration experience within Softstart.

If you sign up with a user and password combination, we do not request any specific permissions.

What security measures do you have in place?

For all of our products, security is one of our greatest concerns. Please read this overview of our security measures by clicking here.

Can I chat with a support team?

Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, by email at support@softstart.app or through live chat.

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