Softstart: An Alternative to Trello for Onboarding

Customize your own templates

Customize your own unique templates, which you can reuse and adapt to all your different kind of onboarding. And make it better every time.

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The world of work is fluctuating. Whether you’re in the office, working in hybrid mode or are working from home, two things will never change: the need for human interaction and an onboarding that connects your new hire to your company.

Avoid the dreaded blank page syndrome

Onboarding is more than just assigning tasks, providing reading materials and checking off boxes. You’re the author of your new hire’s onboarding journey and Softstart provides you with the outline.

No more having to start off of an empty Trello board with blank cards, scouring the web for the best onboarding checklist ideas to help you come up with a plan. Softstart has a ready-to-use onboarding template with fundamental onboarding activities already included. What’s more? We’ve added extra template notes (best practices) to help guide you along the way!

“Did you have time to read all those documents?”

How many times have you been through an onboarding process where you’ve been handed a list of less-than-exciting literature about the company? Or you get invited to a Trello board that’s so overpopulated with cards you start to sweat? We get it. We’ve been through it.

What if we told you that your onboarding experience doesn’t need to be ruled by document overload? Every shared file or activity you add to Softstart comes with the Explainer feature. This lets you record a video or ask someone to record a video to go into deeper detail about the document or topic at hand. Meaning that rather than simply reading about your company values, your new hire can click on the Explainer button, and actually watch and listen to someone talk about the subject!

A picture is worth a thousand words—Softstart wants to help you communicate everything you need to say simply and effectively.

“Yeah but, adding another software? We already use so many.”

Softstart makes life easier for you. You’ll have an asset library to upload links to the documents living in your company cloud or drive. Once in the Softstart ecosystem, you’ll be able to add them into any onboarding in just one click. No more switching between softwares to find anything, and no more loose links or documents.

Softstart isn’t another software—it’s a hub.

Between flat task cards and a human experience, we go for the latter

Trello is great but it falls short on creating a human experience. We swapped columns with task cards for a real timeline view. Going through a timeline is like reading a story, filled with activities that help your new hire reach their goals. Softstart’s onboarding activities aren’t just cards waiting to be put in a “completed” column either. For each activity you create, you can record personalized Explainer videos to dive deeper into any topic or ask your team to record warm welcomes for their new colleague.

Don’t settle for something that just works

Trello works. It helps you organize your thoughts, and you can arrange everything in neat columns.. However, is that enough to keep your new hire engaged past the infamous three-month mark, where an average of 33% leave? Don’t settle for something that just works. Softstart helps you create journeys that engage and retain your new joiners.

From day one, they’re welcomed with real faces and smiles, given a clear path towards success, and have a digital home to come back to whenever they need to find important information. Softstart helps you upgrade from something that works to something that’s amazing.

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