Automated employee onboarding
right from the start.

Say see-ya to the scramble! Get more done faster and work in peace knowing Softstart is keeping everyone and everything on track without any disruptions – productivity zooming, all in one place.

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automated onboarding right from the start

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time consuming onboarding
With Softstart automate and optimize your onboarding process
time consuming onboarding without Softstart
automated and optimized onboarding with Softstart

Enhance your onboarding flows effortlessly

Automated Workflows 

Let Softstart do the heavy lifting by automating workflows. From sending welcome videos to scheduling meetings, our system ensures a seamless, personalized, and engaging onboarding journey. 

automate your onboarding with Softstart

Integration Power 

Integrate Softstart with your existing HRIS and tools to trigger onboardings for new hires, automatically sync access, and eliminate manual data entry. Seamlessly connect your systems.

Powerful HR integrations

Smart Notifications

Everyone can stay on top of onboarding progress with automated notifications. Never miss a step and keep everyone informed throughout the entire process.

Softstart smart notifications

Save time

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual effort, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

Increase accuracy

Minimize errors and ensure consistency while tracking the entire onboarding process. 

Accelerate onboarding

Expedite new hire readiness by automating essential steps and eliminating bottlenecks.

Scale with structure and​
automate your onboarding workflows
using our 50+ integrations.​