About Softstart

Where better workplace journeys begin

From onboarding newcomers with less mess and more fun 🎉 to crossboarding existing members when learning the ropes of new roles 💪 and celebrating the long-awaited reboarding of returnees 🛳. We believe every employee journey should be a human success story, even when it means making the most of bittersweet offboarding endings. Because even then, we’re all onboard together. 💛


Softstart is part of the GSoft family

Born out of our quest of finding a better way to work

When our parent company GSoft launched our sister product Officevibe, the goal was to address the challenges of employee engagement and retention that many companies face today. One key finding emerged from their journey. Engagement and retention crystallize in the first 90 days of a new hire's experience. So onboarding is where we change the game.

Brainchild of the GSoft Innovation Lab

To truly get to the root of the problem, we needed to solve the unmet needs of working teams during this critical onboarding phase. Through the undivided enthusiasm of our team, Softstart emerged to bring the most human onboarding solution to HR leaders and business innovators—those looking to make work simpler, kinder, faster, and better.

Successful work in progress

We're excited to say that Softstart is in its humble beginnings—a newcomer just like those it serves! But we know how important a good start is to the success of the entire journey, and that's why we set sail to create the most human and complete onboarding experience. The app is already packed with features to help you onboard better, and we can't wait to show you what's in store next!

Our vision

How we built the most human onboarding platform

Onboarding belonging

We start from the beginning and feed that belonging need with memorable experiences. Softstart is a place to feel safe, valued, and welcomed.

Ease of comfort

We draw from the power of simplicity and familiarity to turn your processes into HR superpowers.

Normalize being human

We help people find clarity and efficiency in the messy reality of human organization and socialization. We give flavor to the mundane.

Embrace digital culture

We build for remote work with their new realities and new subcultures. We set the path for organization transformation through technology with a human touch.

Energizing beginnings

We bring a dose of warm sunshine and caffeinated energy to your HR onboarding processes. It's all on board from day one.

Celebrate small wins

We win the day by systematically transforming "them" into "you" at every step along the way.

Increasing engagement and retention begins with strong onboarding journeys that reflect your organization values and true identity. It starts at the core.

Guillaume Roy — Product Director

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