Softstart’s vision

Where better workplace journeys begin

From onboarding newcomers with less mess and more fun 🎉 to crossboarding existing members when learning the ropes of new roles 💪 and celebrating the long-awaited reboarding of returnees 🛳. We believe every employee journey should be a human success story, even when it means making the most of bittersweet offboarding endings. Because even then, we’re all onboard together. 💛

From our CEO
We all have a kind of restraint when we visit another person’s home. It’s never clear if we have to take off our shoes, we ask permission to have a glass of water, we would never dare open the fridge, and we ask where the toilet is even if it is obvious. This restraint often tends to fade with some people and persist with others. A job should just feel like you are at home. That’s the reason why we created Softstart.

Simon De Baene — CEO

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About GSoft

We’re GSoft, the independent software company behind a family of products that make work simpler, kinder, and faster.

Hard to believe that we started all this in 2006.

Time flies as they say, quite far from when we launched GSoft in a small apartment in Montreal, with the idea of making the world of IT a little less beige.

And a mere 15 years later, you could say we’ve set out to do what we planned.

With three products – ShareGate, Officevibe, Softstart – we now have the chance of changing the way the world works. And when we say the world, we really mean the world. Thousands of companies using our hyper-friendly, easy-to-understand software to make work work, better than ever before. And we’ve only just begun.

The future of employee experience starts here.

GSoft’s innovation laboratory is our R&D branch focusing on the future of employee experience. We see ourselves as a start-up, constantly striving to find new ways to fulfill GSoft’s mission: to craft the leading products that make work simpler, kinder and faster.

Softstart is part of the GSoft family. Trusted by over 15,000 customers in 110 countries, GSoft aims to keep crafting the leading products that make work simpler, kinder, and faster.

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