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Softstart helps HR leaders and managers onboard new employees with ease. Design engaging plans, automate workflows, save time with templates, and foster belonging in just a few drags and clicks.

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A solution for both sides of the onboarding journey

Onboarding journey builder

Craft engaging journeys without all the hassle 💫

Unleash your ideal onboarding vision. Build inspiring onboarding journeys, collaborate on their success and track their progress with a flick of the wrist.
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Newcomer experience

Foster belonging right from the beginning 💛

Welcome new employees with a stress-reducing and trust-building journey. Immerse newcomers in the positive energy of joining a team that’s right there with them.

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Process optimization

Power-up ️your onboarding process in no time ⚡

Get inspired or organize it your way. Create effective plans by structuring your process into an intuitive and automated flow for everyone involved.
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We all have a kind of restraint when we visit another person's home. It's never clear if we have to take off our shoes, we ask permission to have a glass of water, we would never dare open the fridge and we ask where the toilet is even if it is obvious. This restraint often tends to fade with some people and persist with others.

A job should just feel like you are at home. That’s the reason why we exist.

Simon De Baene — CEO


Seamlessly integrates into your current workflow.

Create an organized home for all the knowledge and tools your team needs. Whether in-app, in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Google Workspace or another.
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Softstart is part of the GSoft family, makers of Officevibe and trusted by 50,000 innovative managers worldwide.

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