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Softstart is an employee onboarding platform that allows HR leaders and managers to easily set up an engaging experience that will make newcomers truly feel part of the team.

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We made Softstart easy to use.
Like, really easy.

Onboarding Plan Softstart Optimized

Letโ€™s turn every onboarding into a meaningful, structured, and truly welcoming experience.

Craft Journeys Involve Colleagues


We do the heavy lifting

Softstart provides all the tools to make the onboarding process easy to set up and to go through. No need to put your coffee down: it's literally drag and drop.

People Together With Softstart


We bring people together

Softstart lets you involve any teammates across your organization, whether itโ€™s for welcoming newcomers or setting up activities. It takes a team to onboard a member.

Onboarding Integrations


We connect to your ecosystem

Softstart seamlessly integrates into your flow of work, so you can make the most of the tools you already use. Basically, you now have superpowers.


It makes my life so much easier, itโ€™s amazing! I have really felt grateful every time I have used it to set up an onboarding. It saves me so much time!

Frame Kahina Ouerdane

Kahina Ouerdane โ€” Chief People Officer

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