Supercharge your employee onboarding process.

Connect your new team members with the colleagues, tasks, and tools they need to succeed.
Boost productivity, engagement, and retention – all from one place.​

No credit card required 🤙

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most onboarding underperform because
Unlock full potential of new hires with Softstart
Underperforming onboarding
Unlock the full potential of new hires

Scale with structure and​
automate your onboarding workflows
using our 50+ integrations.​

Three easy steps to streamline your
onboarding process.


Build engaging and collaborative onboarding experiences in minutes.


Give your newcomers a space where they can find all the resources, people and activities they need.


Measure the impact of your onboarding process and continuously improve it.

Build empowering experiences collaboratively

Softstart enables HR and hiring managers to get more done in less time with way less work.

For companies with set processes

Use our collaborative drag-and-drop builder to build out your plans or input your existing plans to get started quickly.

set onboarding processes with Softstart

For those looking for inspiration​

Use our ready-made templates or our one-click custom onboarding plan generator to get started faster.

onboarding templates for smb

Onboard and immerse new hires past the paperwork

Sync with your HRIS and much more with our 50+ integrations to automate almost everything for everyone, taking your new hires through to full immersion.

Softstart taps into your team’s existing workflows​

Streamline onboarding with integrated tools: sync calendars, schedule meetings, automate HRIS updates, and more.

Onboarding activity with Softstart

The one-stop-shop your new hires need to succeed

Power up your new hires with our all-in-one hub. It's their go-to spot for everything they need, anytime. Say goodbye to fumbling and hello to seamless onboarding from day one.

the one stop shop for employee onboarding

Measure every aspect of your onboarding effortlessly

Softstart collects feedback automatically so that you can spend your limited time on other important things.​

Get a real-time overview

By keeping tabs on their progress, you can quickly identify bottlenecks and take proactive steps to unblock them. Super simple.​

track onboarding activities and improve the process

Improve your program over time​

Identify areas for improvement through our reports and use those actionable insights to improve your program. Knowledge is power.

onboarding performance and reporting with Softstart

Have your new hires
hit the ground running.

Help newcomers understand the company, experience the culture, train for their role,
find documents, install their tools, meet their teammates, and more.

Frequently asked questions

What is an employee onboarding platform?

An employee onboarding platform is a software tool designed to streamline and automate the process of integrating new hires into an organization. It provides a centralized system to manage tasks, communication, and documentation during the onboarding journey.

Why is strong onboarding important?

Strong onboarding is crucial because it sets the tone for new employees' experience, enhances their engagement and productivity, and increases retention rates. It ensures a smooth transition, facilitates cultural assimilation, and enables faster time-to-value for new hires.

Does Softstart integrate with HRIS (Human Resources Information System)?

Absolutely! Softstart offers seamless integration with a wide range of HRIS systems, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating the need for manual data entry. With over 50 integrations with popular tools and platforms, including HRIS systems, communication tools, calendars, and more, you can easily connect Softstart with your favorite tools. To explore our extensive list of integrations, please visit our integration page

Is the adoption process of Softstart easy?

Absolutely. Softstart is designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features, making it easy for HR teams and hiring managers to adopt and implement the platform. Our dedicated support team also provides assistance throughout the setup and onboarding process.

How does Softstart make my life easier?

Softstart simplifies and automates onboarding tasks, reducing administrative burden and manual paperwork. It centralizes communication, task management, and document storage, providing a streamlined and efficient onboarding process for HR professionals and hiring managers.

Can Softstart demonstrate a positive impact and a proven ROI?

Yes, Softstart enables organizations to measure the effectiveness of their onboarding processes through analytics and reporting features. By improving new hire productivity, engagement, and retention rates, Softstart delivers a measurable return on investment.

Is Softstart an expensive solution with additional fees as we grow?

Softstart offers a transparent and predictable pricing model, charging a flat price that eliminates any surprises or hidden fees as your organization scales. We believe in simplicity and supporting your growth without imposing additional costs. For more details on our pricing plans, please visit our Pricing page