Simple and engaging employee onboarding.

Softstart is a platform that connects new joiners to the people, knowledge, tools and spirit that makes your company what it is.
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Employee onboarding is too important to rely on sheets and lists.

An onboarding journey needs to be easy to build, flow smoothly and above all, be an impactful experience.

Softstart is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to use again.

Effortlessly build onboarding plans

  • A simple drag and drop onboarding builder

  • Pre-arrival onboarding
  • Pre-designed onboarding activities and templates

  • Basic onboarding plan
  • Add managers and team members to help build onboarding plans

  • onboarding collaborators

Create meaningful connections

  • New teams can record warm welcomes for new employees, using a simple in-app video feature

  • First day rundown
  • Add People

    Collaborate with colleagues by adding them to specific activities in your onboarding plan

  • collaborate onboarding plan
  • New joiners can see the faces and smiles of everyone involved in your onboarding plan

  • team welcome onboarding

Optimize your onboarding process

  • Save your onboarding plans so that you can reuse them in the future

  • saved onboarding plan
  • Record and attach videos in-app to explain specific tools and documents

  • video explainer onboarding
  • House Documents

    House all your up-to-date onboarding material in app and drag and drop them into your onboarding plans

  • add onboarding document

Softstart is part of the GSoft family, makers of Officevibe and trusted by 50,000 managers worldwide.

Onboarding is the beginning of a new joiner’s exciting journey. With Softstart, you have everything necessary to design it!

Your new hires onboarding experience starts here.