The smart way to onboard new hires.

Softstart is an employee onboarding platform that helps you make your newcomers have more impact faster.

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Softstart is the easiest way to structure, automate and measure your onboarding process.

And let's be honest for a moment...

onboarding should be structured


An unprepared onboarding
is a terrible idea.

A great onboarding is about preparation.
Softstart brings the structure to make it happen.


Excel is great for numbers, not so much for people.

Excel, Google Docs, and other task management tools are not onboarding solutions. Softstart was built for onboarding.

softstart is doing more than hr system

essential add-on

Your HR system mainly focuses on the paperwork, we don’t.

While your HR system only does a tiny fraction of what onboarding should be, Softstart is an essential add-on.

Have your newcomers hit the ground running.

Help newcomers understand the company, experience the culture, train for their new role, find documents, install their tools, meet their teammates, and more.

New employee experience view

Build a rich experience in no time.

Customize your onboarding with all kinds of activities from 100+ pre-built onboarding activities. These are just a few examples.

Team welcome

Welcome from the team clips

Simple task

Simple onboarding activity task

People to meet

People to meet during onboarding


Onboarding meeting activity

Documents to read

onboarding documents to read

Tools set-up

Tools to use during your onboarding


Easy to collaborate with many colleagues. It's also allowed the new employee to be independent as of day one. It gives a schedule and some reference to back too.

Priscilla, Director or the People department

Priscilla, Director or the People department

Softstart brings our onboarding to life. It takes the overwhelm out of the process that every new hire must go through to be successful.

Kristine, Business owner

Kristine, Business owner

Ease of use. Employee appreciate the overall process. Allow teams to create their plans themselves instead of going through HR.

Megan, Director of culture & development

Megan, Director of culture & development